Everything Is Not Awesome

Monster High dolls are great to repaint…usually. Unless you’re talking about one of the “Freakishly Tall” dolls, and their faces start to melt. And that disaster is what I’m going to tell you about today.


Here’s Draculaura. Most fellow doll enthusiasts will recognize her. She comes dressed in her original outfit and, apart from the fact that she’s 17″ tall instead of 11″, she’s pretty much the same doll. Or so it appears. I did what I always do, which is disrobe her, tie back (or shave off) her hair, and start to remove her paint. And…her face melted.

This has literally never happened to me, before, with any doll. It’s certainly never happened to me with any of the regular MH dolls. But this was just…it was disappointing, and gross. I went through three different Draculaura dolls, thus wasting a ridiculous amount of money, experimenting with different ways to remove the paint. Finally, I settled on a combination of (extremely, extremely fine grit) sanding and acetone. But…ugh. What a bummer.

I decided, since I was on a self-flagellation roll, to prep all the other ones I had. So, Elissabat, Frankie, and Clawdeen. Clawdeen’s paint came off no problem. Elissabat was the tiniest bit melty, but I got her to work. And then…Frankie. All was not well with Frankie. Like Draculaura, making her paintable required a major overhaul. As in, I had to get out my carving knives, and a king’s ransom of sanding sponges, and re-sculpt her face.


You can still see some discoloration, there. It’s permanent. As is the discoloration on her lips. The paint stained, and really badly. Nevertheless, after an entire afternoon of work, at least she’s smooth. I think (hope?) I can fix the rest with paint, pastels, etc.


A view from the other side.


Lastly, we’ve got Frankie next to her smaller counterpart. The sculpt, even accounting for my retouching, is a bit different. Frankie’s eyes, the original Frankie’s eyes, aren’t as well defined. Big Frankie, honestly, also had kind of an angry expression that I needed to fix. I tried to replicate that wide eyed innocence look that everyone likes so much about her; before I got out the knives, she looked more like Cruella de Vil.

So there you have it, folks. Two coats of Mr. Super Clear on each doll, and we’re off to the races. Later on (today, tomorrow, next week?) I’ll update my progress. I had really high hopes for these dolls, when I bought them, since I do love doing larger BJD’s. And I have, I think, some pretty cool ideas on how to proceed. Here’s to hoping I can actually make them happen!

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